Frequently Asked Questions

The cost of VoPhone depends on the number of users added to the system. Every registered phone and device will be charged a monthly fee.

To receive a quote from a representative at VoPhone click here. You can also receive quotes through email, live chats, showmeyourphonebill.com, messages through the contact page, or any one of our many local or wordwide agents and dealers.

The individual who is using the phone is referred to as the user. A User will always be connected to a billable device. Billable devices include;

  • A desktop VoIP phone
  • A smartphone app
  • A softphone installed on a computer or tablet


Please note that all virtual fax solutions are included in every plan for free.

No. The hosted VoIP service by VoPhone is a monthly service. Due to our faith in our quality on services, we don’t force you into any contracts.

With every VoPhone account, you get the first US/CA local company number (main business line) for free. Then you add unlimited amounts of additional company numbers from local to international starting at only $8 each additional. Each user can have a dedicated number if it’s a full unlimited account or can just be assigned an extension for internal use. Toll free numbers are also available and will carry a charge of 3.0¢ per minute

All you need is one number. We provide you with unlimited channels, that is similar to having a rollover line for each received call. This means you will be able to receive and make multiple and simultaneous calls a single phone number without coming up busy.

In case of call routing however, you may require additional phone numbers. Extension dialing allows us to route calls through one number to multiple devices connected to the system. For calls that need to be received on particular lines without going through the automatic attendant however, you will need separate numbers. In addition, multiple numbers might also be required for call tracking or marketing requirements. The total of numbers you will need will ultimately depend on your situation. VoPhone is the perfect solution to handle voice mail and call routing for multiple phone numbers simultaneously.

Each inbound call made to a toll free number is charge at 3.0¢/m. Inbound calls cannot be made on numbers that are toll free but just for local numbers without any additional charge.

We have very competitive international VoIP rates. In fact, we also offer 5¢ a Minute Calling Areas. These include;

  • Hong Kong
  • Canada
  • Germany
  • Puerto Rico
  • France
  • Mexico (Guadalajara, Monterrey, & Mexico City)
  • Spain
  • Guam

View All Rates Here

VoPhone provides various plans and selections based on specific needs. Our selection of the industry leading Grandstream VoIP phones includes the following


  • Basic phones areavailable for $75-$89  (1400, 1405)
  • Executive phones areavailable for $109-$269  (DECT D715, 1450, 2130, 2140, 3240, 3275)
  • Conference phones areavailable for $380-$840


While you can buy phones from anywhere, it is mandatory to provision and register them with our VoPhone Customer Support representatives before they can be connected to the network. Each phone purchased from VoPhone is pre-provisions allowing you to use it simply as a plug and play device.

Apart from Call recording, all VoPhones features for PBX are pre-included in your plan. If you want to activate call recording, you will be required to sign up for an Amazon Storage Account which offers free storage of 5GB for the initial year along with additional storage for purchase.

Yes. VoPhone currently offers a trial for very little charge where you can set up a temporary phone number connected with one or more phones in order to ascertain how the system will work.

A current study shows that 97% of VoPhone customers would recommend it to a friend. Based on this statistic we are proud of the quality of service we provide and are sure that you will think the same once you join our family. It is based on this confidence that we have set up an ongoing relationship rather than locking you in a contact. This means customers have the freedom to move into any other service at any point in the future.

In order for VoIP to work optimally, you will require a speed of about 90k for upload and download per subsequent call

Our 98.2% uptime is a milestone in our journey to innovative progress. Our current efforts at expansion have further reinforced the stability of the system and reduced redundancies.

For most of our customers our service is primarily plug-and-play. The only thing you will require is a business level router and VoIP phones that match compatibility requirements. Additional equipment may be required based on the required features.

Other Equipment

Some of the additional equipment required for certain features includes the following;

  • Quality of Service (QOS) – Adtran Router
  • Conference Room – VoIP Conference Phone
  • Receptionist – Sidecar
  • Cordless – Cordless VoIP Phone
  • Softphone & Mobile Apps – VoPhone Mobility
  • Traditional Fax Machine – Fax Adapter (billed as an additional user)
  • Cordless – Cordless VoIP Phone
  • Handsfree VoIP Phone – Find Headsets

Yes. VoPhone allows you to port most numbers. There is a verification process at the beginning to ensure whether your number will port or not. Problems in portability however occur in very rare cases. Porting which may take 5 to 18 days is charged with a onetime fee at $ 15 per number. For additional information on how numbers can be ported, please take a look at this FCC Article.

Yes. Porting from VoPhone is possible. While we hope that our stellar services will convince you to stay with us; we provide users with the option to port from VoPhone. Once you port, the number will remain yours.

For additional information on how numbers can be ported, please take a look at this FCC Article.

No. There is no need for any on-premise PBX equipment. Since the VoPhone system is entirely hosted, the only thing required is a business level router and an internet connection. All PBX functions and call routing will occur on our end and can be manage simply be logging into the online portal.

Any current PBX equipment will not be needed in order to enjoy the most up to date features on the system. A hosted solution such as ours will ensure that any upgrades are automatically implemented and that even as new features are brought forward, you don’t have to make any additional payments.

While any VoIP phone will do the job, we have experienced that the Grandstream VoIP phone models provide the best functionality and quality in the market.

Yes. VoPhone currently offers Cloud Softphone which is a softphone designed for the VoPhone system. This softphone is available for free download at www.VoPhone.com/downloads . Cloud Softphone is Free for every user.

Other than our custom VoPhone softphone our system is also compatible with other smartphone apps including the following;

  • X-Lite 5 for Mac OS & Windows (Free)
  • Bria 3 Basic for Mac OS & Windows
  • Bria 3 Enhanced for Mac OS & Windows
  • eyeBeam Basic for Windows
  • eyeBeam Enhanced for Windows
  • Bria for Android
  • Bria for Android Tablet
  • Bria for iPhone
  • Bria for iPad

Our system is entirely proprietary. Our platform is growing rapidly into the most reliable and feature-rich PBX in the industry. While many VoIP Companies resell modified variants of Broadsoft or Asterisk systems, we have managed to create a system much superior to these alternatives through the efforts and determination of our highly talented development team. Today, VoPhone’s PBX stands in a class of its own and provides user friendly solutions along with enterprise calls communication features.

Yes. Users have complete control over which phones are operational. In addition to selecting which phones will ring, you also have the option of controlling schedules regarding the amount of time they can ring and where the calls will be forwarded if the phone is unanswered. This flexibility on the phone system along with the consistent addition of new updates makes VoPhone the ultimate business communication solution.

The automatic attendant is an automated call management feature which interacts with the caller and answers accordingly. One of the more common uses of the auto attendant is to divert calls to specific departments.

Another common use is to allow callers to manually dial the extension number or provide a company directory so they can reach their desired destination. These systems are instrumental in maximizing the value offered to customers that call your company.

Yes. VoPhone provides you with the flexibility of multiple settings when it comes to the auto attendant. It has the ability to answer even before the phone has started ringing, after it rings or even without ringing phones. This means you have the power to route calls based on your particular needs without hassle.

Unlimited. Our superior technology allows you to handle multiple calls at the same time without the need for rollovers like the traditional phone system. Our hosted PBC allows all calls to be routed via a powerful server. This means that your phone will never give the busy tone even if a single phone and number have been installed.

Not only can you receive unlimited calls but also place them based on your hardware. Depending on the number of phones and the models, our system us powerful enough to handle an unlimited number of calls on one number without ever ringing busy.

With one of the most reliable and extensive set of features VoPhone is becoming the leading name in hosted VoIP companies. Each account is privy to an extensive set of our amazing features which include;

  • Call Routing
  • Voicemail to Email
  • Fax to Email
  • Call Forwarding
  • Internal Directory
  • Find-me-Follow-me
  • Automatic Attendant
  • On-Hold Music
  • Conference Bridge
  • Call Queues & Ring Groups
  • Virtual Extensions
  • Dial Plans
  • Desktop Integration & Click-to-call
  • Tailored Caller ID
  • Time-based Routing & Tailored Schedules
  • Call Reports, Call Analytics & Call Logs,

For a full list of features and further details about each one, visit our Features Page.

Every extension connected to the platform is provided with a unique voicemail account. Ring and line groups may also be provided with separate voicemail accounts along with shared voice boxes which authorized individuals can access.

Yes. With VoPhone you have the ability to allocate multiple email addresses to voicemails on the systems. Each message in the mailbox will be converted to an audio file which will be sent as an email attachment. This file can then be downloaded from wherever you are on your desktop or smartphone given that you have internet access.

The voicemail can also be accessed through the dial-in feature on through the PBX portal using any browser.

Yes. Ring Groups are extremely easy to set up and manage and can be utilized to route calls to sales, support teams or other defined groups.

Call Queues can also be added to the dial plan to more effectively handle call volumes at peak times without compromising on the quality of service provided. The best method of doing so it using the music on hold features with voice over with info for callers to hear while they wait.

Yes. With VoPhone you can listen in on any call using the following features;

Eavesdropping —this feature lets you to listen in on any call to evaluate technical support and service quality manage teams.

Whisper Mode — this is a great training feature for newer employees where you can talk to the individual on the other end of the line without the third party listening in.

Call Recording — this feature has dual purposes where it can serve as a security or training measure. Some industries which keep detailed call records will find it extremely useful

Yes! All support and customer service teams are located in Utah and work towards providing you with the best VoIP services in the country. Not only do we provide some of the best PBX features and call quality in the market, we top it off with outstanding customer services making us the top rated VoIP solution for businesses.

All you need to do is pick up the phone and start enjoying our services. We handle everything from provisioning phones to configuration. Since the PBX features are entirely hosted, there are no initial setup requirements. Our dedicated team will also provide you with a custom dial plan. Other additional features like call recording will also be taken care of by the customer services representatives   who will be on hand until the entire system is functioning effectively.

Good customer service is an ongoing process. For all public sector and large enterprise accounts VoPhone will provide a dedicated Account manager responsible for working with your technical staff in the implementation phase. After implementation, the account manager will continue to keep a check on ongoing needs in order to ensure everything is working at optimal levels.

Other valued customers will always have our customer service team at their disposal. The highly efficient VoPhone platform needs minimal expertise for effective management, but our customer service representatives will be in touch whenever you need them.

The Call Flow plan refers to the manner in which the phone system will process, handle, and route incoming phone calls. This is one of the most crucial features of business and a large part of customer service. Our system offers a user friendly editor which allows you to flexibly modify your plan according to your needs. This never before seen feature provides you with the most flexibility of any VoIP PBX system on the market.

Our team will be available in the initial phase of implementation to help you set up the Call Flow plan exactly how you want it so your business will be running on auto pilot.

Our team of experts takes care of all the technical detail. Our system is ultimately plug and play and all you need to do is purchase the equipment. If the purchased equipment however is from another location, you will need to get in touch with VoPhone personnel in order to provision the phone before it can be connected to the network. In either case, our service team will be immediately available to handle both scenarios.

In addition, all routing issues of an advanced nature and other requirements can be easily handled by our technical support teams and sales engineers teams to cater to your advanced networking needs.

Usually, the reason behind a dysfunctional phone is non-registration. In this case a manual registration can easily solve the issue. The following steps can be taken to reboot and register the device:

  • Unplug the device from the power source
  • Replug the device back to power source
  • The device will automatically register and complete configuration.

If rebooting doesn’t solve the issue, one of the following problems must be causing issues:

  • The phone requires re-provisioning
  • the phone requires a factory reset and provisioning
  • Network access is prevented by an internet outage.
  • the router requires rebooting and adjustment
  • Phone is malfunctioning

Most commonly call quality issues can be attributed to bandwidth limitation or other factors causing latency in the network. Since this may not always be the reason, we perform a short test to ascertain what is causing the issue.

Please follow the following steps to run the diagnostic test. If you have Microsoft Windows installed, Click “Start” or the Windows button on your keyboard. Type “Run” into the search bar or click the option if it is visible.

When the Run prompt is open, type “cmd” and press ‘Enter’. This should lead to a DOS or black command prompt window. A Mac on the other hand will require you to access the command prompt using the Applications/Utilities/ folder. It will be named Terminal.app

In the command prompt window, type, “ping ping.VoPhoneip.net -t (if using a Mac, omit the “-t” from the command)”

This will start a test providing you with packet responses in ms. The response times will have to stay within 100ms and should be stable. If the number varies by 5 ms on either end there might be a problem with your connection.

It is important to note that the test be run simultaneously as the problems are occurring with the VoIP calls. In case the test is run at times where there are no problems you will be left with a false positive.


In short, it won’t provide any usable data to troubleshoot the problem. In order to end the test, press the keys, “Ctrl + C”. Once the test has ended you will be provided with these numbers; The Maximum response time, the average response time and the total amount of lost packets.

Once you have this information, copy it into a reply email to the support ticket.

In Windows you can save the results by right clicking the mouse and selecting “Mark”. Select the ping Statistics and then copy it.

Once pasted and emailed, the support team at VoPhone will then contact you with a diagnosis and suggested solution on how to address the problem.

If the phone doesn’t ring whenever called or requires regular rebooting in order to maintain registration, chances are there are problems with the configuration of the router in use.

In this case the following router settings may help resolve the issue. (Note – theses settings for adjustment are not available for all routers):

  • -SIP ALG: disable this feature found within firewall settings.
  • -SPI Firewall: disable this feature found within firewall settings.-UDP Timeout: this too can be found within the firewall settings and is typically set to 30 seconds. Increase the number to 300 seconds. -SIP Transformations: disable this feature found within firewall settings.
  • Consistent NAT: Enable this feature found within firewall settings.


The following rules enable traffic from IP blocks:

  • 36.248.0/22
  • 250.60.0/22
  • 87.120.0/22

If these modifications don’t work, chances are you’re using a router that is incompatible. Please contact any of our customer services representatives.

Since there are multitudes of routers available in the market, we don’t have a list of the routers that may or may not work with the VoPhone system. Because of the overwhelming number of these products we cannot say with any certainty whether your current hardware configuration is going to be compatible with the VoPhone system. What we do recommend are Adtran routers because of their high quality VoIP compatibility, innovative reporting features, and amazing QoS options.

As long as your device doesn’t fall under the blacklist of devices which have been identified as problematic, your router should work fine. The following blacklist shows all the routers known to be incompatible with VoPhone:

  • Linksys WRT54GL
  • D-Link DIR-632
  • Linksys WRT100
  • Linksys WRT54GS
  • Linksys WRT54GT
  • Any Linksys BEFS-xxxxx
  • Linksys WRT54GX
  • Any Linksys BEFSR-xxxx
  • Linksys WRT610
  • Any ZyXel ZyWall Firewall
  • Linksys LRT224
  • Any ZyXel Router
  • Medialink MWN-WAPR150N
  • Linksys RV042v3 or newer (as well as the corresponding gigabit model)
  • Netgear CG3000DCR (Comcast)
  • Linksys RV0162v3 or newer (as well as the corresponding gigabit model)
  • Linksys RV082v3 or newer (as well as the corresponding gigabit model)
  • Netgear WPN824
  • Netgear MR814
  • Netgear FVS

Routers for Small Configurations Only:

  • Apple Airport routers are “hit-and-miss,” this means they often cause problems but are known to work on occasion.
  • Modem/Router Combos or Cable Gateways those available with a cable provider often only work with a limit of 4 handsets.

Most D-Link and Netgear “home grade” routers; with small modifications will work effectively with 1-4 devices.

We suggest the following adjustments for all Sonicwall routers in order for them to work:

  • Disable SIP Transformations
  • Enable Consistent NAT
  • Set UDP and RTP time outs to the highest setting
  • Create rules to allow ANY inbound UDP traffic from these VoPhone IP blocks:
    • Block 1: with a net mask of
    • Block 2: with a net mask of
    • Block 3: with a net mask of

These modifications should solve about 99% of SIP signaling problems on networks routed by Sonicwall. In case these adjustments fail o correct the issue please get in touch with a VoPhone customer services representative.

Because of seamless compatibility with our system, we suggest the use of Adtran Routers. The great reporting features and Quality of Service options make them the primary choice for tour platform. Please get in touch with a sales representative if you want to discuss router options.

For high volume or mission critical faxing, VoPhone recommends the use of a fax service via analog providers such as Century Link or your landline provider. This resolution is known to provide the most flexibility when it comes to compatibility across multiple fax platforms because analog solutions are preconfigured for fax.

If a local landline provider isn’t a viable option, feel free to contact a Sales representative to discuss further fax options.

Efax is also offered as an add-on feature for free on all accounts. This solution is simply scan to fax and email to fax service.

Fax adapters also allow you to connect the VoIP network and the fax machine. While this solution does work relatively well, it isn’t recommended for high volume mission critical customers.



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